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Set in 1965 New York City, Jew Boy is a dark comedy about the “born victim” son of a traumatized Holocaust survivor who's befriended by the quarterback of a motley Bronx street football team. 

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The Phantom Limbs of the Rollow Sisters is a “boondocks-Gothic” tale of two traumatized sisters who embark on separate journeys, aiming to finally solve the mystery of their father’s violent death and their mother’s subsequent abandonment.

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A multi-media animated comedy web series about a corn-fed Texas bumpkinand a matzah-fed Ultra-Orthodox Jew living as odd-couple roommates in an uber-diverse Brooklyn neighborhood.

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  phantom limbs  

During a heated election summer, a Brooklyn punk band is on the road in a divided land where the smallest disagreement unleashes deadly violence.

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A dark comedy about an uptight 20-something who inherits a bizarre karaoke bar run by his estranged and totally deranged father.

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